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Wellbeingscotland.scot is run by Bhakti Yoga Academy that aims to provide physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing through systematic practices, education, courses and retreats.

Bhakti Yoga Academy was started to facilitate the development of a community of people working together to spread much needed wellbeing, peace and compassion by bringing people together to experience the joy, beauty and happiness which come through the practices of Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti Yoga Academy draws inspiration from the timeless Bhakti Tradition of Vedic culture which is the oldest wisdom tradition of the world. Prominent Western thinkers like Arthur Schopenhauer, Erwin Schrodinger, Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, David Bohm and many others, were greatly inspired by elements of the Vedic worldview that they encountered.

Many people are familiar with different aspects of Vedic culture such as various Yoga systems, Meditation, Ahimsa – violence free diets, Ayurveda – Vedic holistic health system, Indian Classical Dance, Vedic Astrology and so much more. However a few know that they all integrate and unite together to form a conscious life of sustainable happiness.

We endeavour to show how these things fit together through the teachings of Bhakti Yoga to form a lifestyle that is the most beneficial and uplifting to oneself, to those around us and for the planet and its all inhabitants.

Bhakti Yoga Academy aims to:

– inspire character, self-value, self-development, enlightenment and transformation – helping people to be the positive change they want to see in the world

– Teach the principle of seva (selfless service) by cultivating compassion, sharing wisdom and making this world a better place

-Teach eco-responsibility – caring for the planet, the environment and every living being

– Help people to find peace of mind and a deeper purpose in life.

– Make wisdom and practices of bhakti yoga accessible to everyone from all walks of life

– Teach the techniques of Bhakti Yoga – mantra meditation, kirtan, seva and musical instruments, etc.

– Preserve the authenticity of Bhakti Yoga and yoga in general through courses, workshops and certifications

– Increase the numbers of certified teachers that can deliver authentic and enlightening Bhakti Yoga experiences and teachings

– Organise events, courses and retreats to achieve the above purposes

In the modern, fast-paced, demanding world people face many challenges such as stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, burn out and so many other issues. The aim of our project is to help people by using the time and science proven tools of yoga, meditation and wisdom.

We strongly feel that prevention is better than cure. Physical fitness gets plenty of attention, however this is not good enough anymore! MENTAL FITNESS is becoming even more important than physical fitness.

Just like the body can get diseased and out of shape without enough physical activity, our minds can get ‘out of shape’ and become overwhelmed with anxiety and negative, dis-empowering and even depressive thoughts.

​To help people to stay in good shape physically, mentally and spiritually, we run meditation, yoga and other well-being events and retreats.